Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Time for a Change

With the upcoming fact (i.e. birthday) that I will soon reach "middle age", I have noticed that, increasingly, I am willing to make varied & sundry changes to my life, my habits, and my living space.  Is this a sign of middle age?   Is this the same reason that so many people (mostly men, in my personal experience) start to look for new lovers?  Or am I merely a bored, middle-class housewife?

I have been working for the last two months or so on a general clean-out and reorganization of the house.  Iam entralled by the Asian esthetic of minimalism, to the point where my New Year's Resolution is to use what I have.  Bring stash enhancement to a minimum (it's a subjective scale, granted) and to use the wonderful resources that are at my disposal and make the most of them.  I am also hoping that this will lead me to a new and profound appreciation of all that I have and of all that I can give to others. 

I rationally know that I do not NEED to buy any more yarn, fiber or fabric.  I have plenty of beads.  The time has come to differentiate between "want" and "need".  However, as all Fiberholics and Textile Geeks know, rationality has precious little to do with our cumpulsion for acquisition.  We buy the thing because: 1) We can, we have the resoures and 2) we can rationalize it, one way or another.

But now, especially in the face of tremendous loss and calamity (Haiti), I think that we should all take a step back from our own stresses & desire for acquistion and recognize how lucky we are.  If you have a home to protect you from the elements, you are blessed. If you and your family are well fed, you are blessed.  Do you have extra food/money/shelter/compassion that you can make available to another person?  You are doubly blessed, because you not only have enough of something, you have some to spare.  Be happy: there are many, many people who would give up an awful lot to be in your position.

Be grateful and thankful for what you have, and share what you can.  If you have nothing material to share, prayers for peace and freedom are always welcome.  We all have something to give.  Karma works; give of your heart and soul fully and you will be rewarded. 


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