Thursday, February 25, 2010

Needless (or Needles) Acquisition

Now that I am blessed with a set of the Addi Clicks, (BTW, love, Love, LOVE them!) I have become irrevocably intrigued by all other interchangeable sets, with few exceptions.

While I don't knit with wood or bamboo needles on a regular basis (note Addi reference above), I am itching to try the Webs bamboo set, the KnitPicks set, and am eagerly awaiting the announcement from Crystal Palace that they will soon be introducing a set of their own.  In my book, they are the perfect bamboo needle: smooth, strong, smooth, and not too sticky.  Did I mention that they're smooth?  Add multiple cable lengths, connectors & a nice case and I'm sold.  Forget the cost--mac & cheese for a week or two to pay for 'em, I'm IN.  Like Flynn I'm so in.

I have also seen ads for the Hiya Hiya set, which comes in such lovely small sizes. As a loose knitter who starts all guage swatches at 2 sizes smaller than the pattern recommends, I find this particularly interesting.

Have I mentioned convenience?  Imagine, between two sets (one wood/bamboo, one metal), all your knitting needs are covered.  Perfect for one of those knitting cruises where whenever you go ashore they send you right into the mouth of temptation and a rampant case of startitis.  The Girl Scout in you would be praising your level of complete preparedness.

I admit it. I am greedy.  I covet things. Especially these things.  Need doesn't even enter the picture.  I want them all and I'm not afraid to admit it.

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