Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Getting on the Crazy Train

While poking around on Ravelry earlier this afternoon, I checked in with group I belong to called Martial Arts Knitters (you must be on Ravelry to access this last link, sorry!), where I found out about the 100 Push-Up Challenge.  And this, my friends, is when I bought two non-refundable tickets to ride the crazy train.

I say two tickets not because I'm going to try and do 200 push-ups in one set, but because I am also signing on to do the two hundred sit-up challenge.  (For those of you more hard core than I, you can also try the 200 Squats Challenge and the 25 Pull-ups Challenge.  All can be found on the link above.)  So, as of next Monday, June 7, I will beginning my quest to do 100 push-ups in a single set and 200 sit-ups also in one set.  The program gives you a day-by-day as well as a week-by-week workout, and you can track your progress on their website.

Why do it, you might ask?  Well, I have never done 100 push-ups all at once, but have come close.  I think I hit around 70 or so right before my 1st Degree Black Belt test, but that was over three years ago.  I know I can get to 70, so 100 will be a new goal.  I have done that many sit-ups at once, but not since I was in college, back when the world was flat.  Also, since I have been on & off crutches between October and March, I have put on a few pounds that need to come off, and these challenges should be a help.  I'm going to try and remember to track my progress on the website and on Twitter & Facebook, if you're interested in following along. 

Wish me luck!  Anyone out there want to join me?  Please??

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