Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How to Know When You're Middle-Aged; or When 40 Really Is 40 and NOT the New 20

1. All the presets in your car radio are tuned to stations that play the music you listened to in high school & college.  Even the music you didn't like.

2. You stop waffling about getting a tattoo & go out and get one.

3. After the 4th knee operation, you realize that maybe you should have started TaeKwonDo at age 14, not 40.

4. You refuse to give up TaeKwonDo not because it's too much fun (even though it is) but because there is a good number of really gorgeous men in the class, and not so many women. You are old enough to understand all the benefits of this particular male to female ratio.

5. You ask one of the younger gorgeous TKD guys to take you for a ride on his motorcycle.  Since you started with the tattoo by trying to scratch stuff off of your bucket list, you might as well do this, too.

6. You sign up for Facebook and start a blog, just to see what all the fuss is about.

7. You have to get help to sign up for both of these because you don't understand how any of this stuff works.

8. Once on Facebook, you mistake a post from a teenager as an expression of angst & depression, only to be laughed at because what she posted was lyrics to a song, which makes your words of comfort seem really, really stupid.

9. You take up spinning (on a spinning wheel, not the exercise) in the hope that it will help negate any nerdy associations with knitting.  And you like it anyway, even though this plan didn't work the way you wanted it to.

10. You really want to add a picture of your tattoo to this post, but you don't have a 12 year old handy to show you how to get the pictures out of the camera & onto your blog.


Must be time for a nap.

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  1. Those are all good reasons, but ... I have never heard - or, to put it more accurately - I do not remember what the boundaries of "middle-age" really are.

    I have repeatedly told myself that middle-age starts after the age of 50. And never enquired of anyone else to see if I was correct or not.

    Which may have been the reason I stopped counting birthdays four years ago.

    Happy knitting, and best wishes for 2010,