Monday, September 9, 2013

The Campaign Presses On

So have been spinning quite a bit these last few days.  I hope my motivation doesn't diminish over the next two months!

I finished the singles out of the Loop roving and chain-plied them to more-or-less preserve the color changes.  After a soak in the sink and a solid "thwack" on the counter, the yarn is now happily drying on the back porch.  I know I'm almost a competent spinner, but every once in a while, I wind up with something that I'm fairly pleased with.  This is one of those times.  Isn't it pretty?  (Just nod & say, "Yes! It's fabulous!" even if you don't agree.  It's OK, I don't mind the little white lie!)

Next up is a pair of mini-batts from Ever Improving Me on Etsy.  I have no idea how long I have had these, but they are the loveliest icy blue/green with streaks of pure white silk running through.  I think they are a mohair and silk blend, but the label doesn't specify.  The two batts total 2.75 ounces, so this should take care of the amount I was short on yesterday, as well as the next two days' worth in order to meet my RRC (Rhinebeck Readiness Campaign) goal.  I can't decide on the final product, though.  A nice 2-ply lace weight and for a lace scarf?  Or one ply nice and thin wrapped around a fluffy ply of the softest, whitest angora?  Hmm.  I may have do to try some test skeins to see which I like better.

I just love how the white silk glistens against the color.  These batts are definitely making me think wintery thoughts.

And, finally, photographic proof that I do, in fact, knit, and sometimes I even finish something.  This is the Liliaceae Shawlette designed by Angelika Luidl.  I made it in Road to China Light by the Fibre Company.  It's a beautiful magenta with a blue overdye, but I have lost the tags so I don't know exactly which color it is.  The fabric is soft, luxurious and drapes beautifully.  The pattern was fun without keeping me tied to the chart too much, and I'm thinking about making another one for myself since this one is a gift.  I hope she will like it!!

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